New Business Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to pay for the water company to install a meter at my new house?

A one time service charge for installing a new service to the water company system has been approved by the Louisiana Public Service Commission and it is included in our approved schedule of rates and charges.

Why do I have to post a deposit?

We require that a deposit be posted for each new water service account or upon a change of customer at an existing account.

Will you put the new service (tap) charge on my bill?

No, we require that all new service fees and deposits be paid at the time of application for water service.

I need water tomorrow, can you rush my order?

No, it typically takes ten to twelve working days from the date of application and receipt of payment to have the new water meter installed.

If I mail my check today, can you put the new service in immediately?

No, the day that we receive payment is considered the day of application.

Why do I have to pay extra to have my water meter placed where I want it rather that where the company wants it?

In an effort to keep service charges at a minimum the water company pairs water meter settings for adjoining lots wherever possible.

Why is the minimum charge greater for a larger meter?

A person requesting a large meter can be expected to have a need to use a large volume of water. In order to supply this amount of water, a larger meter is needed which results in a greater investment by the company for this customer. Therefore; if the customer uses little or nor water, the Company must get a larger minimum charge to be able to justify the investment for the larger meter.

I have an irrigation meter; why do I have to pay a large minimum charge in the winter when I do not use my sprinkler?

The company has cost associated with maintaining its water system to supply your water meter even if you choose not to use any water. We have to maintain pumps, wells, water mains, meters, etc. and we still must read and bill for each meter whether or not there is any usage thereof.

Can I apply for a second water meter for my lawn sprinkler so I don't have to pay a sewer fee for the water I use for sprinkling?

The sewer user fee is based upon consumption for the months of October, November, December, February, March and April and watering is usually very limited during these months. If you would like to have an additional meter installed, we can make the installation provided we receive the necessary information to establish the account along with the payment of a new service fee.

Will the water company put the water meter next to my house?

No, the water company installs the water meter in the street right of way or servitude area. It is the owner's responsibility to install the plumbing line between the water meter and the house or place of business.

Why did the water company dig such a large hole in my front yard to install my neighbor's meter (next door or across the street)?

In order to be able to install a water meter for a new service, we must be able to have a hole that is deep enough to reach the water main. The main is typically three to four feet deep. In addition our installers also require enough space to work on the exposed pipe. If the service is across the street, we must have a hole large enough to get below the level of the street and push a service line under the roadway to install a meter on the other side of the street. We regret any inconvenience, but please remember that we are working in a servitude or road right of way and our goal is to keep the construction area as safe and as small as possible.

Will you move my water meter to a (desired location)?

It may be possible to relocate your water meter however, it will be necessary for us to determine what work will be required in order to determine what charges will be necessary.

Why do I have to pay to have my water meter relocated?

There are substantial costs associated with moving a meter. Although the customer may feel that the meter is not in the most desirable location for them, the meter was initially installed in the best possible area.

Why do I have to pay for a water line extension to get a water meter for my property?

Where there are not existing water mains, the customer under procedures approved by the Louisiana Public Service Commission, is required to pay for any cost of extending the Company's facilities.

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