Backflow Preventers & Cross Connection Control Plan

 As your responsible water supplier, Baton Rouge Water Company (BRWC) has an obligation to provide safe, clean drinking water to all of our customers and take every precaution to prevent contaminants from entering the water system. To ensure this, BRWC has implemented a Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control Plan (see link at bottom of page) requiring new and existing customers that meet the applicable conditions have an approved backflow prevention device (BFPD) installed at the service connection to the public water supply or immediately downstream of the service connection. The type of BFPD will correspond with the degree of hazard as determined by the applicable codes. The customer shall install a Reduced Pressure Zone BFPD to protect against the highest degree of hazard if the end use of the commercial service cannot be determined or if the end use of the commercial service could change. All BFPD's shall meet the requirements of all applicable federal, state, and local codes or ordinances for water service including, but not limited to, the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH), the International Plumbing Code (IPC), and the Louisiana Administrative Code (Titles 17 & 51).

Prior to initiating water service, the customer shall forward certification, signed by a licensed Louisiana Master Plumber with a Water Supply Protection Specialist (WSPS) endorsement, stating that the installation complies with all applicable codes. For a list of approved installers and copy of a Test Report Form, see links in our resources below.

Fire protection service connections are required to have an approved Double Check BFPD at the service connection to the public water supply or immediately downstream of the service connection.

The IPC requires that BFPD's be tested annually or more frequently if required in the IPC or by the manufacturer, and that the test results be submitted to BRWC in a timely manner. For a list of approved testers, see link in our resources below.

LDH mandates that water suppliers implement, manage, and enforce a Cross-Connection Control Program to ensure customers comply with State mandated cross-connection control regulations, establishing and maintaining a BFPD database for each customer, notifying customers of overdue annual backflow preventer maintenance testing requirements, and tracking BFPD testing compliance.

Submit Reports to:

Baton Rouge Water Company
Backflow Prevention
P.O. Box 96016
Baton Rouge, LA 70896-6013




Example Test Report Form

Baton Rouge Water Company's Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control Program

Louisiana Department of Health's Backflow Prevention Regulations 

2015 International Plumbing Code Backflow/Cross-Connection Control Requirements

List of Approved Installers/Repairers/Maintainers (Master Plumbers; must have WSPS endorsement)

List of Approved Testers

Louisiana Administrative Code – Title 17 (Construction Code) and Title 51 (Sanitary Code)

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