Understanding Your Bill

The name of your water company and contact information are listed at the top of your statement. If your sewer company has elected to include their charges on the same statement, their name and contact information along with their charges for the month are listed in a separate box on the right hand side of the statement.

The first line of your statement includes your 15 digit Customer account number and the address that corresponds with the service location. The date of the current meter reading is also provided there.

Each month a meter reader records the reading from your meter. Last month's meter reading is subtracted from the current reading to determine the number of units of water that have gone through the meter during the billing period. You are sent a monthly statement for the corresponding amount of water and applicable taxes and government fees. Each meter reading (current and previous) is listed in the Billing Summary for Water Service along with the number of units of water. The unit of measure is listed above the number of units of water. The corresponding rate for the measured amount is listed under the amount column.

The date by which your payment needs to be received by us is listed under the Billing Summary boxes. To avoid penalty, please ensure your payment is received by us by or before the date indicated. For a complete list of methods to pay your bill, please visit our Payment Options section.

A detachable stub is provided at the bottom of the statement. If you are paying by mail, please detach the stub and include it in the envelope with your payment. Always write your 15 digit Customer Account number on your payment. This ensures proper posting should your payment become separated from your stub. Your 15 digit Customer account number is located on the left side of the first line of your statement.

Baton Rouge Water - Bill Example